Change of title while uploading files

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Hey there, so actually i uploaded the data which were name of the ingredients which is a separate doctype. So the speeling changed like Green Chille changed to green-chille .

the problem is then i can’t upload the dish file because it has a child table linked with ingredients and in that the name is Green Chille.

While trying to upload it throws the error no ingredients found, just because the name changed

please help in this to resolve

It should not have changed unless you gave some logic in autoname function of the doctype?

What version are you using?

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using version 15

and i have only set the naming of field to the name of ingredient. nothing more customization.

Please share the screenshot of naming series and logic.

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thanks, but the issue got resolved , i used the form name to ingredient name which lead to the base name of ingredient without any formatting.

Now it is sorted.

Thank you

But still the issue is

Like in the first two images I have these ingredient but when i upload the data of dish, error comes no such ingredients found.

how should i deal with this?

thank you

please see the newly images attached and the problem

The “ID” of the ingredients uploaded are “cherries” and “green-chillies”.

The ingredients column of the Excel should also have the same values, not “Cherries” or “Green Chillies”.

You should recreate the ingredients with the proper names if you need to use “Cherries” or “Green Chillies”.