Change PDF Fonts for cretin Language (wkhtmltopdf)

hello everyone…

i am using Thai language in the ERP, i wounder how to change the default font for PDF as its using a font that dose not support Thai Language and its showing symbols instead of text…

i already tried to change the font in the print settings but for some reason its not going throw to the PDF version…

Thanks in advance

@ramielian if a thai font is installed in your OS, it should pick it up in PDF

@anand in my os as in local os or erpnext? my local os already have thai language but the font used in erpnext is not installed, and i dont want to install for each computer that is using the erp because its much harder than it sounds.

If the server that has ERPNext installed has the font then wkhtmltopdf should pick it up. Try adding a sans serif Thai font on the server and check if it works.

Linux needs clearing of font cache after you install a font. Also try installing: GitHub - frappe/fonts

hi @anand how can i add the font? from ERPnext or command line?

right now the pdf is shoing this:


@anand its working i just had to install the fonts you have given, thank you very much