Change PDF Header and Footer Font

I created a custom print format with a google font “Josefin Sans”. When I’m on print page the header and footer renders correctly, however in PDF the header font changes to a generic font.

Print View

PDF Format


Have you tried the below in custom CSS

.print-format {
    font-family: 'Josefin Sans', sans-serif;
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Yes I have

I 've been trying for weeks to fix this problem , I finally gave up and used an image

Sigh throws tantrum I don’t wanna have to do thattttt! lol Thanks though

I know the problem though . there is a class called footer-html added to the footer automatically when converting from html to pdf . I tried to override using css but I couldn’t .

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In that case then the next step is to install the google font on your system.

It should work for the pdf

Finally figured this out

@centaur was right. Thank you!

I have Frappe/ERPNext installed on Ubuntu Server 20.04. I uploaded the files to


The PDF header and footer font are not working as expected.