Change position

is it possible to change the place of fleet management part from Human Resource module to Maintenance module?

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If you just want to change the display. You can do this.

Go to config folder in erpnext app.

Open and you can see the section you want to show there.


Copy this section, and paste it appropriately in

Now this will get your work done. But this will be a change in the erpnext file and hence for the meantime don’t commit it. If there is a way to do it the custom way, that will be great but I don’t know how.

In case you are updating erpnext, then before updating stash this change, and then pop your stash after successful update.

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I guess it needs to be removed from HR, not just copied over (resulting into a duplicate) ?

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Then this should be sent to Github as a modification. So as to avoid conflicts while updating. unless the user wants to maintain the branch themselves.

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@vrms, @root13F thanks for your help
but its not working