Change this modal

Hi i need to change this modal on the picture, more especific is the field quantity i want to put precision 6, just wanna where’s the doctype, because i’ve ready change the stock entry.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Thiago_Henry! Could you share what window did you access? If you are referring to the Items under Stock Entry then you have to set precision under “Qty” field in “Stock Entry Detail” doctype. You can set this by going to Customize Form > Stock Entry Detail >Qty using Administrator account :

Hope this helps!

Hi @creamdory thanks for help but i’ve already change the stock entry and stock entry details but in modal doens’t change i don’t know where’s this doctype of this modal to change. And the “dashboard” (if are a dashboard) where show the quantity show always with precision 3.

Thanks for help.

Hi everyone, i’ve ready resolved, was just change precision float to 6. Setup → system settings in date and number format.
Thanks for suport

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