Change time format of time picker

in genral how we can change time format of time picker (from 24 hr to 12 hr format).

After submitting a document, you can see from and to time in 12 hours format but the date picker is in 24 hours format as of now.

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@ArundhatiS thank you so much for clarifying this can u please help me on how to change list view of doctype like below

Request you to please elaborate the change you want in the list view.

@ArundhatiS what if i want to show other fields like start time,end time,total time there.


Thanks for elaborating.You can add a Max of 3 fields in the list view

You can add the required fields in the list view using Customize form

Go to Customize Form>> Select the field >> Check the “In list view” Checkbox

Hope this helps.

@ArundhatiS thank you so much:relaxed: for your quick response.