Change title value for link doc type

I made a doctype name device and link it to reading doctype but when I insert a record in reading the drop down of device field is a random value generated by frappe. How can I change it? I need to combine to fields and display it to the drop down for device see image. Is it possible?

You have to set Auto Name field on device doctype by which you want to save this form.
Example : field:device_name
Then your doctype saved by device name and in link dropdown you search device by device name.

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@priya_s how about multiple field? e.g. device_name + device_pin.

I you want to add two fields in naming series then you have to customize code for that in autoname method in file. Try with this, may be it helps you -

def autoname(self): = self.device_name + '-' + self.device_pin

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@priya_s thanks! :smile: