Change tree view to form/list view of Sales person

Hello everyone,
I want to add the service do by the specific sales person. So to add custom field to Sales person doctype, i need to see its form view. But when i click Sales person i can see its Tree view. Can anybody say how to change its tree view to form view?

@Amalendu, not by default! You can change it in the form, but in the module views you can’t change it, due it is hardcoded!

Thank you for the reply…
But i didn’t get how to ’ change it in the form ’ !

In a custom script, inside the Sales Person, put this

delete cur_frm.list_route

But don’t forget that it don’t will resolve the issue in the module views!

ok. Thank you!

Hello, I have the same problem,and I also put this script .
How can I do if I want to add a new sales person without see slaes tree view but add it when I click new in the sales person list?