Change warehouse names during install

I want to change the names and structure of the warehouses during installation.
I have found the setting in the in setup folder.

	def create_default_warehouses(self):
		for wh_detail in [
			{"warehouse_name": _("Production Warehouses"), "is_group": 1},
			{"warehouse_name": _("Finished Goods"), "is_group": 0},
			{"warehouse_name": _("Store Warehouse"), "is_group": 1},
			{"warehouse_name": _("Store 1"), "is_group": 0}]:

But how is the structure of the code to make use 2 groups with their own warehouses?


  • Production WH
    – Raw material WH
    – WIP WH
    – Products WW
  • Store WH
    – Store 1
    – Store 2

Thank you

You can change the structure after install as well. For now it is not customisable during the install.