Change web form css and html

How do I change HTML and CSS of web form?

  1. Can’t find where the html file is located for the specific web form
  2. there’s a css file in sites/assets/css/web_form.css. Is it okay to modify this file? (i.e. update bench will keep the changes made to this file?)
  3. There’s an option of ‘code’ and ‘html’ field if I customise web form doctype (webform>menu (dropdown)>customise. What does it do and can it be used to change the look of form? (I tried adding css to ‘code’ field though, didn’t work)

@shikher there is file


But if you really want to handle html, css,and js at your own better create your own html in www folder

Thanks for your reply. I just found out that we can use html tags inside label field of web form builder to do some html customisation.

I first tried to create complete html file, but since I also want to save the data submitted through the form (save or send it via email) I require php, and mail functions working. There’s a whole backstory to why I’m unable to get the server send emails, so the only option I have to use the built in web form and customise it.

Created a new theme and changing it changes css of web form as well.

hey @shikher

it is really great work. could you share your work around?