Change workstation from timesheet activity

Assume that we have start a production order having operation. We have one or two operation which is predefined to workstation 1.

Now if production order is large, we might need to to change the workstation or split the production into multiple workstation. but in time sheet activity workstation is read-only. Is there any other option to split production?

You can change the workstation in the Production Order master, and then submit Production Order. In the timesheet, you will get same Workstation as in Production Order.

But we can’t change workstation in time sheet. If we have 500 mint of work we might need to split production between two workstation.

This is not allowed for now. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

BOM is not a production plan. Hence one can not schedule machine [workstation] at BOM level.
This need to be chaged at earliest.
At least in timesheet, one must be able to choose/change workstation
Because production plan can not be followed as is. Always we need to assign more workstations to certain process when required.