Changed In Frappe JS File but Not Updated

I changed in desk.min.js file. Increased file size because i can’t upload profile picture and others file. Changed work if i use “sudo supervisorctl reload” command but problem is then if i use “bench start” it stopped showing log in terminal. So if i want to see log in terminal then i need to use " sudo supervisorctl stop all " and start the bench. If i use “sudo supervisorctl stop all” command then my changed in desk.min.js file disappeared. I use “bench build” also it also disappeared my changes.

I think you must purge \ clear REDIS cache… But I don’t know how to do :slight_smile:

@jewel if you already found any solution to solve this problem please share me asap.

Dear @jewel

Finally, I found a solution after 3 months from I met this problem.

You need just to run bench build command to rebuild all items.

P.S. You must run this command on frappe-bench directory to access bench.