Changes made in my custom app is not working

Hello Community,

I have an issue regarding customization in my frappe app. :worried:

I have made the changes in my app but it not reflects into my new site. :confused:

I had already gone into the various ways to make the changes in my app like:

bench build
bench migrate
bench start
bench --site {site-name} reinstall
bench clear-cache

But I can not able to make the changes in my site.
So, I request you to give me a proper solution to make the changes in my working site.

Thanks in advance.

maybe you have installed the app on wrong site, also try to remove and reinstall your app to the site again.

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Thanks for your kind reply.:slight_smile:

I already did it. means created a new site and installed my custom app into new site but still that changes does not reflecting on my new site.

more elaborate this thing for all.

1 ) First, I created a new site and install an ErpNext app into a new site.
and enabled developer mode using "bench set-config developer_mode 1 " command.

  1. Then I go to delivery note inside the Stock menu then click on Menu Button that available on the top right side in Delivery Note.

  2. Click on customize button and add one button named calculate delivery charge and one float field delivery Charge and update doctype.

  3. then I export customization into my custom app Using “Export Customization” Button.
    In my app created a Custom directory that contains my custom field and button in delivery_note.JSON file.

  4. Then Reload screen so, my two custom field and button both display but when I am creating a new site and install my custom app both field and button is not displayed on a new site.

Is anyone can suggest me what can I do next?

Thanks in advance.

See if the fields have been created in your “Custom Field” table

@rmehta Thanks for your kind reply.:slight_smile:

Yes, I can see my custom fields in “Custom Field” Table.
I logged into a database and select records using query.
select * from tabCustom Field;

Hello everyone,

I solved issue to load or reflect customization into a new and existing(current) site.:slightly_smiling_face:
i just restart the system and take latest pull of the frappe and erpnext and removed cache using below command.
" bench clear-cache
bench update
bench migrate
bench build
bench clear-cache
bench start "