Changes to Email functionality V4 versus V6

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I finally upgraded to version 6, after being on version 4 for sometime.

I’m having issues with email. I use Google Apps for business. I have one “Email Account” configured in ERPNext, and the SMTP Server is set to “” as per the Google Apps documentation.

First issue, is when a user sends an email from a document, such as Purchase Order; In V4 the email would be from the logged in users email address. Now it defaults to the “Email Id” set on the “Default Outgoing” email address as configured in ERPNext. How do I configure this to use the email address of the logged in user?

Second: Emails being sent via ERPNext are either getting delayed, or lost. I do not see any errors in logs/worker.error.log. Only some emails are coming to the recipient. I do not see any other errors. This was bullet proof before the upgrade. Any suggestions on where I can look to track down the issue?

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I solved my first issue, which was to disable the “Always use Account’s Email ID as Sender” setting on the “Setup/Email Account”.

The second issue; I’m suspicious that the worker queue is not reacting immediately when a email send job comes in. Emails unrelated to ERP arrive promptly, but anything going via ERPnext id delayed by a few minutes.

Yes, noticed also delays (5 to 10 minutes) fro mails send from Erpnext

@ebjorsell @becht_robert Yes scheduler is set for every 5 mins.

If you use Mandrill you can install GitHub - frappe/mandrill_integration: Set Communication status from Mandrill via webhooks

Email in V6 has been pretty flaky so far.

According to the Bulk Email List I have many 14 emails with status ‘Not Sent’ but no errors. There are no new entries in the Scheduler Log.

erpnext@erp:~/frappe-bench$ bench doctor
Workers online: True
Pending tasks 0
Timed out locks:


It was working yesterday, and I can’t put my finger on any substantive changes that I have made. Any ideas?

can you see

sudo supervisorctl status

and check if beat is running?

I tracked the issue down to google apps settings on the relay.

The emails were queuing up in erpnext, but there were no error messages which made it a little difficult to track down the root cause.

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You can setup email notifications for failed jobs

Might sound funny but it’ll use the smtp server at localhost:25, most probably you already have postfix running on it.


Hi did you manage to solve this problem? I consider using ERPNEXT with google apps for work with email integration. What is your experience with combo?

Also I have seen this solution.

Any views?