Changing Date Format in Print

I want to change the date format for Printing. Ian getting the date from another doc in print itself.

{{ frappe.db.get_value(“Batch”, items.batch_number, “expiry_date”) }}

I want this date to be print in format strftime('%b %Y’) but this is not working.

Please let me know how to format this date.


please check Changing Date Format

Thanks, Makarand

But how to use those with get_value, as I am getting the date from another doc in Print Itself.



{{ frappe.utils.formatdate(frappe.db.get_value("Batch", items.batch_number, "expiry_date"), "dateformat") }}

Or you can add the custom field in items table and fetch the expiry_date on item_code trigger instead of fetching expiry_date in print format and access the custom field in print format.

Thanks, Makarand

This works but it give me the date as MM-yyyy. What will be the “date format” if I want Apr 2018 instead of 04-2018


try replacing "dateformat" by "MMM yyyy"

Frappe uses the babel utilities for datetime formats please check babel for detail date formats.

Thanks, Makarand

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Got it. Thanks for such a prompt reply.