Changing default item code display in invoices/sales orders etc

As default Erpnext requests the item code for invoice item entries.

It would be more manageable for my customer if the item name and/or barcode field could be present on these forms, rather than item code.

Values like STO-ITEM-2021-00001 have little meaning to my customer, or at least are not the primary data they want on their invoices or to find the line items.

I see from other conversations it is possible to change the forms, through customise forms. I see the record for items as a table, though it is not clear to me how i would substitute item code for item_name in this instance.

Any help would be appreciated.

Greetings from the UK :wink:

Is this while using the ERP or when printing? Since the Item Code is how the item is identified, there’s no point with doing away or hiding it.

If it’s a problem for print, it can be solved by hiding the unwanted columns in the print format builder.

Also, looks like you’re using naming series for items, instead you can switch that off and manually enter codes which are easier to read.