Changing default price list in customer

Customer doctype has now as default price list Wholesale
i created a new price list and i want the new one to be the default one when creating a new customer.
where can i change it?

Should be under Selling Settings

I did change it before from selling settings to the new price list , in sales order and other transactions, the new price list appears
But when creating a new customer it still shows the old price list

I’m curious how did you manage to make it so that price list has a default value on creation of customers. That’s something I haven’t been able to figure out. Did you make some changes in Customize Form > Customer?

Looks like you can set up price list under the customer group. Maybe this is it?


Doesn’t seem to do anything

that’s the thing that i never changed anything in this doctype , I even navigated to customer doctype-> price list and there is no default value , i tried to insert a default value but nothing also.
i even navigated to custom script to check if there any script related to the default value of customer doctype price list that we may have done , but also nothing there.

EDIT even i went to the code customer doc nothing is related to set default value for that.

EDIT 1 , so basically i always confuse myself when navigating from doctype list to the customer and when pressing on customize form → customer because both were different.

so the solution is customize form → customer → default price list ( Display → default section , just write your pricelist). so when creating a new customer it will select this pricelist by default.

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