Changing doctype to child

Hi experts,

Hope someone can lead me in the right direction…

I had a doctype with data in it and I needed to change this doctype now into a child table. I dont so and added it to the paret doctype as a table.

I am able to create parent doctype and add this new child to it via script, but if I try to do this via the web interface im getting an error saying : TypeError: this.frm.get_docfield(…) is undefined

What can I share in order for you to help me?


You could refer to how Time Log became Time Sheet if you find it as a similar case.

Hi revent_one,

I think there is an issue with child tables and links.

This is my version:
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v6.27.25
Frappe Framework: v6.27.24
Varmani: v0.0.1

Ive created a simple main doc, adding a child table to that which has another child table to test and the result is the same. When I try to add a child entry to the main doc I get an error saying:

01:43:14.772 TypeError: this.frm.get_docfield(…) is undefined
frappe.ui.form.Grid<.setup_allow_bulk_edit() form.min.js:236
frappe.ui.form.Grid<.make() form.min.js:225
frappe.ui.form.Grid<.refresh() form.min.js:225
frappe.ui.form.ControlTable<.make/<() desk.min.js:7650
n.event.dispatch() jquery.min.js:3
$event.dispatch() report.min.js:198
n.event.add/r.handle() jquery.min.js:3
n.event.trigger() jquery.min.js:3
.trigger/<() jquery.min.js:3
.each() jquery.min.js:2
n.prototype.each() jquery.min.js:2
.trigger() jquery.min.js:3
frappe.ui.form.Control<.refresh() desk.min.js:7535
frappe.ui.form.Layout<.attach_doc_and_docfields() desk.min.js:7494
frappe.ui.form.Layout<.refresh() desk.min.js:7491
frappe.ui.form.GridRow<.render_form() form.min.js:253
frappe.ui.form.GridRow<.show_form() form.min.js:253
frappe.ui.form.GridRow<.toggle_view() form.min.js:251
frappe.ui.form.Grid<.add_new_row() form.min.js:235
frappe.ui.form.Grid<.make/<() form.min.js:225
n.event.dispatch() jquery.min.js:3
$event.dispatch() report.min.js:198
n.event.add/r.handle() jquery.min.js:3
1 form.min.js:236:537

Will try to see on githib is someone else reported a similar issue.