Changing erpnext logo on the navbar

Can i change the erpnext logo on the navbar? if iyes?
How can i change it?

No. It’s not configurable.

Everything can be done :wink:

Refer to this line, you’ll have to create a custom app that overrides this.


Difference in configuring and customizing.

Btw, even if knew, I won’t tell this. :wink:


how can i change that line?

What is not available for customization shouldn’t be tried by those without development background. Messing with code without clear understanding only results in more problems.

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It is…see below…@umair would no not tell you…I wonder why? :stuck_out_tongue:? Key question is why would you like to change the Logo??

simple trick to change the logo
from bench folder /sites/assets/frappe/images/
you will find the images of logo there . copy the name
rename your new logo as same
delete the default one using sudo rm -R (image name)
replace with the new name changed logo file.


If you’re on v13, the navbar logo is now configurable via Navbar Settings.


how i will try but its changed only on login page after i will log in still i get ERP image
in navebar ?