Changing headings on print format - invoice

Is it possible to change the headings on a print format (ex. invoice) to make them bilingual or french, for example? This is something that is required here by law. I saw that someone was working on a multilingual version, which is a better long term solution, but I just wanted to make this simpler change for now, and wanted to know if it was something a user could do. Is it possible to do this on the SAAS version, or does it require development? This is something that we need to get started with ERPnext.

@fblauer you can make a custom format in HTML as you like

This is available in the SAAS version.

There is also a new drag and drop too. Setup > Printing and Branding > Print Format Builder

Thanks for the quick reply. I see a lot of interesting things, and I am
finally getting around to evaluating the system because I think it has a
lot of potential for many of our clients here. Some things are fairly straight forward, But some other
things are not obvious to me, and I probably need some training, (on the
customizing parts). So please forgive my newbie questions. Its going to take
me a little while to get familiar. The user manual is helpful, but doesn’t
answer all my questions.
If I look at the list of print formats the only thing I see resembling a
sales invoice is a POS invoice. Is it not possible to copy the standard
invoice and customize the html for that one? (I assume that is where I
would change the headings that print on the invoice). I am also wondering
about print forms like sales orders or purchase orders. Also, I notice
there is a print format for cheques. Is this where we would customize the
format for printing cheques? (I don’t see why it is a journal entry type)

@fblauer Replies inline:

You can open a Sales Invoice, view the Standard Print (click on the Print Icon), then click on “Edit” on a standard print format, you can move around the fields, and add custom HTML

Standards prints are autogenerated based on the form layout.

Again you can edit the same way as above.

You can click on “Edit” if you are a System Manager.

A Bank Entry is a type of Journal Entry

You can open a Sales Invoice, view the Standard Print (click on the
Print Icon), then click on “Edit” on a standard print format, you can
move around the fields, and add custom HTML
I think you are referring here to the drag and drop. I can see how to add html fields, but I don’t see how to call the values from the other fields, if I remove them from the layout. What I am trying to do is edit the labels that print out on the invoice. Is there a way to do that with the html - pull field values?
Standards prints are autogenerated based on the form layout.
I didn’t want to modify the data entry screens, just the print out. I can try that method. But I can’t seem to find all the labels that print out. For example, the label “amount” Where would that be changed on the data entry screen form?

I see that if I switch the user language to french that I can print a
french invoice. I think its probably easier to do that for now. But the
ability to assign an invoice format based on language of the customer would be a great longer term
solution. Is that going to be incorporated into the core system, or will
that be some kind of add-on?

@fblauer I think this is a generic requirement and we would love to incorporate it, given there is enough demand or someone is willing to sponsor.

So, I guess that you are not too optimistic that the 2 guys who seem to be
working on it are going to be able to complete it. How much would it cost,
since all of our potential clients here would need it?

Cheques - I see where the form can be edited, but I can’t find anywhere to
print cheques?

Cheques are Journal Entries (Bank Entry)

Yeah, right now we are pretty bottle-necked, but the feature is a good one to have if there is more demand, then we can do it earlier.

It would definitely be a great feature to have. Everyone in north america
would use it. I guess we are still behind here. The banks can’t seem to
agree on standards, for electronic payments. In the mean time, I don’t see
it changing here any time soon.
I guess you don’t print cheques in India anymore, and probably the rest of
the world? But we definitely need it here. Xero recently added this in
Canada, and has had it in the US for a while. (Of course, they don’t have
integrated ERP, nor are they open source, but I find that they are a good
model for core accounting practices).

@fblauer Our biggest problem is how do we prioritize given our resources. We eventually do get there though :smile:

You seem to be doing pretty well. I am meeting Bernard Lefebvre tomorrow.