Changing language in print format


I have made Print formats using html. I am using that in Quotation. If i want to send that to other countries customers i want to change the language so how i can do this ?. that language option is not useful for me. May be because i have own html print format not default one.

What can i do ??

Hi @pm23,

It also works in the custom print format, if you use the proper format.
Please check the whole documentation.


If you want to translate the customer field title then you can use like

{{ _("Customer") }}

However, it only functions for the standard field. If you wish to configure it for a custom field, you’ll need to utilize the Translation document type.

Thank You!

Hello @NCP ,

I am concerned about changing everything complete whatever there in html not only the fields in this case what would be the good approach?

Based on what I know, value can’t be translated but Custom print formats will work just as well as standard print formats.