Changing naming series for live doctypes

Hi -

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on changing naming series for existing doctypes? My concern is that for some doctypes, I may not have allowed a large enough numerical count.

I’ve got a custom doctype with this naming series LA-.YYYY.-.####. and I’ve been able to change it to this LA-.YYYY.-.######.

I tested the change by renaming a doctype manually to LA-2023-999999, which worked. Curiously, I was also able to rename it to this LA-2023-9999999 (7 digits, 1 more than the naming series).

So for all intents and purposes the changes appears to be working, however on the doctype in the naming series selection field, it shows the original naming series LA-.YYYY.-.####. (despite the doctype edit form showing the correct series), and the same goes for the the database.

I’ve tried bench migrate, build, however that didn’t fix it. I’ve checked the JSON for this particular doctype, and it corresponds to the new naming series.

I’m concerned that even though I was able to manually rename the doctype to a very large numerical count, that the series won’t do it automatically.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


Just giving this a bump :facepunch:

Just stumbled on the solution to this…

Even though the naming series was updated in the doctype, the doctype customisation still had the old naming series for some reason. Not sure why, as I hadn’t made any changes at all to the form customisation.

Anyway, updating the series in both doctype and doctype customise form did the trick.