Changing on bench

hi guys
how can i change the the bench to point to my frappe repository instead of the official one


@amirtdss just set your git remote accordingly in the apps

Can we do it before it installs the frappe. In the bench code itself ? so that when the script run, it gets the app from our repo.

Have tried editing the code here in bench/playbooks/develop/includes/setup_bench.yml

- name: install frappe app
command: bench get-app frappe
  creates: "{{ bench_path }}/apps/frappe"
  chdir: "{{ bench_path }}"

But it is still getting the repo from your repo.

to install custom repo

sudo bash --mysql-root-password root --skip-setup-bench

bench init frappe-bench --frappe-branch develop --frappe-path yourfrapperepo
cd frappe-bench
bench get-app erpnext yourerpnextrepo