Changing product description during invoicing

I have a ticket selling business and during sale of ticket eg., Air ticket I have a need to describe the brief journey details in product description. eg.,

Product name: Air Ticket
Product name modification needed in invoice: Air Ticket Delhi to Guwahati

And in next modification needed in invoice : Air Ticket Mumbai to Pune

while the journey is different the product is Air Ticket which should be tracked in ERPNext.

Is it possible to change product description during the time of Invoicing or while preparing sales order.

Thank you.

Hi @Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu! Yes it is possible to set different description by using a script triggered on save or on submit. Please refer here. Thanks!


Did u test item variant?

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Thanks JoEz, Please explain briefly “What is item variant”?

Your link is wonderful for many scripts. But my main problem does not have any script to solve that issue. I have no experience in writing scripts myself. If there is somewhere script available for this issue please share with me. Thanks.

have a look at:

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Item variant I selected but it’s for color and size only @JoEz

you can add more item attribute as per ur need …

When I add Description as attribute it becomes template as soon as I save and I get message that TEMPLATE CAN NOT be used in transactions

It’s an intended behavior — as soon as you have variants, they become used in transactions, but not templates.

@strixaluco Now I am successfully using variants. Thanks. Although I would like to change the product description during entry in invoice but variants are indirectly working for me. I have to setup all the commonly used sectors like Delhi to Pune, Bangalore to Hyderabad etc. Then select when making invoice. I had to create about 50 variants. It would have been nice if change in description directly inside the description field was allowed (just like in Odoo)