Changing "Standard Selling Price" in Item not affecting "Standard Selling" price in Price List


I made change of “Standard Selling Price” in Item. But, that does not affect “Standard Selling” price under Price List. Is that write process? As such what are the logic behind.


Hello Mijan,

It’s not meant to update. Standard Selling Price in the Item master is only meant for the one-time-use, while creating new Item. For the existing item, you should change price from the Item Price master.

@umair thanks for your reply. If I want to introduce a new price from the first day of next month, shall I stop the system at 00:00:00 hour of the last day and update Item Price? or any other ways are there?


@umair probably would be a good thing to make it read only once saved first time

Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

You can update rate in Item Price anytime.