Changing the column width of a child item table

I want to change the child item table column width from 10 to 15, how can I change it? it’s possible?

Please refer below link.

Data Visibility in Child Tables

So according to this documentation it is not possible to change column width of child table even in grid view?
For example i want to set 11 column in child item table with all column width 1 is it possible?

Frappe itself not allowing you to set more than 10 column.

Please, Guide how to change it…This is possible or not for your point of view…?

It’s an OpenERP Framework so you can do customisation according to your requirement. As I would not recommend it because frappe itself put restriction in base code. If you try to do such modification in base. it might be difficult to manage while you will upgrade frappe version in future. But if you do that customisation in own app by inheriting base functionality then you can do it easily.

Any one tell me how to override js of frappe app by the custom app?