Changing the Display of Language from 'en' to 'English'

Hi community, as per the title above, how can I change the system to display ‘English’ instead of ‘en’? I would prefer this way over adding another column to display the Language Name of the selected language (i.e. language.language_name)

You can create a new language whose ‘Language Code’ & ‘Language Name’ will be same as “English” and ‘Based On’ will be “en”.
You will get to see “English” or “Hindi” in the field of your child table.

Thank you for your help. This will work but it will be a lot of work as I have to create 1 new language for every language.

Another issue is that it will be confusing for our staff to use as they will see many languages i.e.

  • English, language code (‘en’)
  • English (United States), language code (‘en-US’)
  • English (United Kingdom), language code (‘en-GB’)
  • and English, language code (‘English’)

Anyway, I would put your method as one of the options (if there’s any other options). Again, thank you for your help :grinning: