Changing UOM not work in Sales Order and Purchase Order

hello all,

I have just upgrade from ERPNext: v10.1.27 to v11.1.11.

But when I change UOM in both Sales Order and Purchase Order, only “UOM Conversion Factor” and “Qty as per Stock UOM” will change, other fields such as “Price List Rate”, “Rate” and “Amount” remain unchanged.

Please see attached pictures

before changing UOM:

after changing UOM, but some fields are wrong:

UOM works well in previous version, but fails after I upgraded.

Have I miss somethings? or this is a bug?

Please help, thank you very much.

Yes you are correct.
It seems that it is a bug.
Can you open issue in github?


Thank you for confirm.

I have issued this UOM matter in github.

Solution is in my PR

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Very good @saifi0102 and thanks a lot for you.
Regarding to your PR, I have please one question:

Your environment is production or development environment? So it is version 11 or 12?


The PR is for v11, however, it should easily work with v12 too. If it works out for you, leave a comment on the PR so that it gets more light and gets merged into the main repository.

Is it merged? Because I see it that not merged yet and the issue status is still Open and not Merged.
But I can do manual change.


Hello Saifi;

What is the block for merging this fix?


It’s just a few lines of changes. Just merge the whole branch.


I am running version 11.1.22 and the problem resolved.