Changing Year to buddhist year on Cloud ERPNext


how to change year format in to buddhist year?
Current year is 2016 which is equal to 2016+543 = 2559 buddhist year

is it possible?

I do not know the Buddhist calendar, but you may be able to solve your problem as follows:

Go to “Accounts → Setup → Fiscal Year” and change to the year 2559.

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Thanks for recommendation.

If do it that way, the Date and Day will not match.

I apologize for my ignorance, but the few things I’ve seen in the Buddhist calendar, it seems that the days and months are equal, the first day of the month falls on the same day of the week and has the same number of days per month, right?
The only problem then would be the year that should appear in 2559, right?

I think it’s not possible to change the year 2016 to 2559, the only thing that can be done is to put the name of the “Fiscal Year” to know that 2559.

But I think someone with more knowledge than I can answer your question.
If you can not switch to the Buddhist calendar, leave a suggestion for improvement, the ERPNext staff is always doing a great job to improve it.