Chapter Heads - Follow Through on the Conference

Hi all,

Here’s a quick reminder to all the people that attended the conference - especially the service providers: Please go to and if there is no chapter in your City, State, Region or Country, please volunteer to be the Chapter Head for your unit.

What do you have to do:

  1. Commit to at least two meetups in the year ahead
  2. You have to be a Foundation member at the time of appointment




Hi Jay, we would like to take lead of the Kerala (South India) chapter - we’ll possibly apply for the membership soon. BTW, i’m not sure of any providers from around here.

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Great! Just drop me your E-Mail ID please.

jram at epochconsulting dot in





done with the requirements above.
Would you please include Indonesia in


Hi all…

At present there are 4 members in Kerala Chapter. In Kerala TallyERP and other proprietary ERPs are popular and only very few know about ERPNext. This affects the existing service providers to convert a lead to deal. If members of Kerala Chapter think about contributing efforts to advertise and promote ERPNext, can increase the number of Service providers and End Users. I request suggestions and comments about the same. I request the Kerala Chapter head to initiate activities. I’m happy to be with for any support any time.

Hi all…

Have anybody read about ERPNext meetup at Kochi ?
If yes, please write details here…

Thanks in advance.