Chapter in the UK

I would like to start a UK chapter. Would anyone else be interested in this? If so please comment and let me know where you are from

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Hello @Softwareprofs.

I’ve been diligently setting up ERPNext for my company here in Herefordshire. I’m not a developer, more a keen integrator lets say, but taking a good interest in everything ERPNext related. Its such a good project and sticks to the true ideals of FLOSS. I was using Odoo, but steered away due to the licenmcing changes and I’m pleased I did so.

I would be happy to be involved. I’m also the Herefordshire LUGMaster for my sins, so get involved in the Linux and Open source community locally too.

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Yes i would be very interested. I have setup an erpnext system at home and learning parts of the system.

I think there are great opportunities, for SME to use this system, better than any sage product and a faction of the cost.


I would be interested whilst battling to use it in my business.
Based Berkshire.


I would be interested as well… I would like to contribute.

I’m hoping to migrate my data over and start to do some testing/reviewing on the development/contributions branch (seen as that is a quick way of giving back)…assuming I can sort out the fiscal period issue.


Hi all UK users.

I’m still a keen UK user / integrator of ERPNext and we are now using it for CRM, Sales, Support and Stock Control , Purchasing.

The first stage is to create a UK chapter.

Perhaps we should form a Telegram group first and arrange a chat to see how many there are who wish to be involved in a UK chapter.

Eventually we could arrange a meet-up somewhere.

I’m based in Herefordshire in the Midlands. You can find out more about me in my earlier post above.

Good Morning,

Yes a Telegram group looks perfect. Never heard of it before. Crash course underway!

I have been dabbling with ERPNEXT for around 5 years. We have been/are using Mamut One ERP system. This product is now 20+ years old and not changed in the last 8 or 9 years we have been using it. In this time business has changed an awful lot. If we dont change we will get left behind…
We are just getting to the final stages (so I think, ha ha) of having enough knowledge to dare to let ERPNEXT to take over. We have many aspects to our business including CRM sales, service, manufacturing, stock, websites, accounts, HR, assets etc…Its a big challenge to get a complex (small) business transferred over.
I am not scared of rolling up my sleeves and get stuck in. It would be a great help to have people to chat with about the product in general and the UK local peculiarities.
Looking forwards to it.


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I am also in for UK Chapter. I have installed ERP next and started playing around its Code base . I am Based in Berkshire. Would be interested to make any new changes for future developments and make in sync with current business needs in UK.


There is now a UK chapter this is the link Redirecting...

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Great news! I’ve applied to join the group

Great I have also applied.

Congratulations and good luck UK Chapter.