Chapters in Quotations/sales orders/delivery notes


I’m trying to adopt Erpnext to our Construction company.

I’ve seen that we need a lot of customization, but to our first step we need a chapter solution to our sales (actually we use excel to that).

our Quotations/sales orders/delivery notes are something like this

1 Chapter 1
1,1 Chaper 1.1
1.1.1 service/task/product 1 price 100
1.1.2 service/task/product 2 price 200
1.1.3 service/task/product 3 price 300
total chapter 1.1
1.2 Chapter 2
1.2.1 service/task/product 1 price 100
1.2.2 service/task/product 2 price 200
1.2.3 service/task/product 3 price 300
total chapter 1.2
total chapter 1
2 Chapter 1
2,1 Chaper 1.1
2.1.1 service/task/product 1 price 100
2.1.2 service/task/product 2 price 200
2.1.3 service/task/product 3 price 300
total chapter 2.1
total chapter 2

This is a standard in our country so, we really need to do our Quotations/sales orders/Delivery notes in this format.

We really need to change our workflow (with a lot of excel sheets) to an ERP, and actually Erpnext seems to be what we need.

Does anyone has something like this?
If not, can anybody, help me with some shortcuts to develop this?


Paulo Almeida


Thanks for the example. Will be more helpful if you could related it with ERPNext. Which are the Document Types for which Numbering is to be customize and in which sequence. For example, what would be Total Chapter in ERPNext? Then Chapter 2.1? and 2.1.1. (will it be item master) or Item Price master)?

Here is help on how you can customize the numbering for transactions based on Naming Series.

Also, you can customize the transaction naming with Custom Script.

i have come across this before. What I did is as follows

  1. Create 2 Custom Fields - >
    a. Chapter:data - Inside Item table
    b. Chapter_totals:table - On the parent document - eg Sales Invoice

  2. Add script to total every line with same chapter and append to chapter_total

  3. Create Custom Print format to build your document as required.

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Thank you.

That’s a good idea. How do you manage the chapter title/description? Created an item only to use as a chapter description?

Better than an item, You would add Custom Field Chapter in Item Table.

Now along with line item there is a chapter( title/description )

NOw in print format you will check if the line item has a chapter, if yes add a chapter line , if not add as normal item.

Hi Vivek,

I just came across starting with my first ERPnext installation and I like your idea to implement the structure with chapters from almeidapaulopt.
Currently I created custom field “Chapter” of Type “Data” in “sales order Item” Document and a custom field “chapter_totals” of Type “Table” in “Sales Invoce” with Option “Sales Order Item”.

Now I am stuck in how to add the Script. I currently have some knowlege about programming but not for customizing and interfacing ERPnext. Can you give some more detailed explanation how to implement the Chapter Totals as Custom script and how to add them in the Custom Print format?

Is it also possible to change the custom print format that only the chapters and Subtotals are visible without the product? I am in a Construction Company for special machinery. My idea is for quotations to directly make a item based calculation with purchasing parts, constructions, and our internal value adds to have a detailed internal calculation and in view to the customer only the chapter with detailed descriptend and final price.

Thank you very much in advance