Charge client account in POS view


I work in the cosmetic distribution business. Sometimes we take order and ship our products to the client for which the regular sales process works just fine.

In some occasions, some of our clients come to our shop and buy the products directly from us. I love the POS interface because it’s much more easier and faster to invoice our clients when they come. Our issue is that most of our clients want us to put the charge to their account that they will pay later. There is no need for a delivery note since the products are delivered at the same time as the transaction.

Is it possible to do this? I would need to add a new method of payment called “Charge to account” is the POS view.

Thanks for this great piece of software!

Maybe you need to just use New Sales Invoice option in that case, and knock off the invoice later when you receive the payment.

Auto creation of delivery notes generally helps to maintain your stock.

Clicking on New Sale Invoice simply discard the current POS invoice and starts a new one? No?