Charging a warehouse for material transfer

Good day everyone.
I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with a problem I’ve been having.

I have an External Warehouse for outsourced materials, and I also have an Internal Warehouse for indoor business. the External warehouse gets its supplies from outsourced suppliers, and the Internal warehouse gets its supplies from the External warehouse.
I need to learn how to charge the internal warehouse on the transfer of materials from the external warehouse to the internal warehouse.
If there are more adjustments I need to make or change, please inform me.

For now this cannot be dealt directly by stock transfer entry.
You should be able to achieve the above scenario by Using a sales Invoice, where you will have to “Update stock” and create your own company as an customer in customer master. You can add a custom field for external warehouse in the Sales Invoice. You can consider getting a custom doctype for this type of entry on the lines of Stock Transfer.