Chart "Account Balance Timeline" broken (v13.2.1)?

It seems with recent updates, the Chart “Account Balance Timeline” doesn’t function anymore. The checkbox “Time Series” is still available, but changes are not saved and the checkbox unselected once saved. Does anyone know the reason for this and know how to fix it?
Using ERPnext v13.2.1 and Frappe Framework v13.2.1

I still can’t fix the account_balance_timeline chart. Does anyone use such a feature (or a similar one)?
Our previous (way simpler) accounting software had such dashboards which were quite nice to get a very quick overview about the individual account balances: e.g.

How can I produce such charts in ERPnext?

I have the same issue (both that account balance timeline doesn’t work and also creating the chart with multiple data sources). Help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:.

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