Chart of account for new company

Hello Team,

I’ve 3 companies named “A”, “B”, “C” and all 3 companies have different chart of account after adding new child accounts. Now i want to create new company for which i should have same chart of accounts like company “A”.

The main problem is that i want to create chart of accounts dynamically same as existing one of company for that i’ve added one dropdown in company doctype for selecting company to create same kind of chart of accounts.

So, How can i do that??

maybe not quite as slick as what you have in mind but a solution would be to export the existing CoA from Company A you want to build on and re-import that in company B.

In case you haven’t used it yet. The import/export tool is to be found in

>Setup >Data> Import/Export Data
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Hello i’ve created it and it’s not difficult thing as thought. you just need to study and analyse code through this you can find way with your simple logic. again hats off to ERP team for Simplest code and easiest code.


Nishant Jariwala