Chart of account IGST rate is not getting updated

In Charts of Account, when a new account is created for the IGST percentage rate is not getting updated.

When we try to edit the field, we are getting this error . Only in Duties and Taxes not able to edit the accounts. we get the mentioned error.

Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.

Let us know where we need to fix this issue.

Perhaps you should delete the Account and create new one. Must have been validation application due to Account Type. Create new Account for IGST and set it’s Account Type as “Tax”.

I had deleted the old the account and created a new one still not able to edit the new account which is created under duties and taxes.

All the account under Duties and Taxes are not editable. Will get an error as mentioned.

Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.

Does that mean Chart of account is not able to view the account? Due to this not able to create the invoice.

When trying to create a template under sales taxes & charges. when the IGST account is added to the template out of state GST the Rate is showing as 0. Even though in charts of account. It has been defined as 12%

Seems an issue specific to permissions/custmization in your account. Working just fine for me and other users. Can you make a GIF of how are you adding IGST account?