Chart of account not applied during setup wizard


I’m using the setup wizard for creating a new Service company based in Germany.
I would expect that the chart of accounts “SKR04” is selected. However the company is created with a much smaller chart of accounts.
When I create a new company afterwards and select SKR04 the right chart of accounts is applied.

Version is v8.11.4 (master).



Did you tried to change the first created companies chart of account?
May be you can after the setup

I can change it in the settings of the company, however the list of accounts in the chart of account does not change.

Hi, I’ve got the same problem. Regional chart of account not applied to the first company created with the wizard. How can we update that ?


EDIT : seems to be identified with small bug to fix : Country chart of account not installed after the setup wizard · Issue #11304 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub Is it possible to propose a pull request ?