Chart of Accounts - duplicating from one company to another in ERPnext version 10

Dear Sir, please can some one tell on how to duplicate Chart of Accounts and its Grouping of Ledgers etc… from One Company to another. No entry is passed in any company yet … before that the plan is to duplicate the Chart of Accounts and its Grouping done for one company to another ( ofcouse the suffix that follows the GL account name will be different as the company names are different ).
I tried, export and import of Account - but it is not working please - and showing error for each row …when I want to import in another company - I am definitely missing / doing some thing wrong - please can some one tell me the proper way of doing this please…

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When you add a new Company, you get the option to select if you want to create Standard Chart of Accounts, or create based on one of the existing company in that same ERPNext instance.

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If you want a specific set of accounts, it is important that your existing chart of accounts is up to date before creating another one. For currently operating companies this should not be a problem. Follow the instructions above, and create your new company with the existing chart layout.

If you are not able to see the new chart of accounts right after creation, make sure you have reloaded ERPNext, both from the Reload command in the top right dropdown menu, and the browser itself. This solved the issue when the desired chart of accounts was not visible.