Chart of Accounts: How to personalize?

Hi there,

I’ve been testing how to personalice the Chart of Accounts for weeks, and I have many doubts. For me is not clear the way I have to do it and is difficult to find information cause I see many ways.

What I’ve have found:

1- I could download the base Charts of Accounts in Data Export, then edit in csv, then upload again.

This way should work for me. But it seems there is a coming new feature to implement this though an online tool (point 3).

2- There’s another option, to change the base .json file in the Doctype. I should be able to replace it with my Country Specific, or upload a custom .json file.

When I have tries this method (some Spanish colleagues sent me one), then is not reflected in the program. I go to the existing Company and I select the new Chart of Accounts, but I don’t see the changes reflected. Can you apply this to an existing company?

3- I have found there’s a new platform to create them: But there’s no information in how to upload these charts to the ERP (In 7).

I have read sth about the 7.1. is this going to be implemented in the 7.1? How should you personalice after importing the base country specific?

In summany, the main problem I find, is that is not clear for me the way I should implement this in the ERP.

Can someone of the core team answer which would be the best approach to implement a custom Chart of accounts based in your Country Specific one? Which are the recommended steps?

Thanks, I’m very impressed with ERPNext and the v7 new features and work done, I’m only finding problems in adapting it to the Spanish requisites and in the lack of some information to implement it.

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Hello Rubén,

Thanks for elaborating your query.

We gather contributions from once in a while and merge it into ERPNext. Perhaps your contribution has not yet merge from our end.

@nabinhait please check if there are contributions from to be merged.

Rubén, even when we have merged your changes, it will not affect Chart of Accounts of existing account, but will be useful for the new accounts created after merging.


I have not send a contribution to the online service Cause I don’t understand which is the workflow we have to use.

For me is not clear the steps someone has to do to change the CoA from the base to an existing Country Specific and then edit it to personalice for the company.

For instance, I have tried this:

  • In the Doctype folder, copy from unverified to verified the .json of my Country (Spain).
  • Then I change the value of CoA in my Company from Standard to my Country Based.

Problem: Then I don’t see the changes reflected in my Company CoA. I just see the base CoA.

My question is more about the steps / workflow a user should use to install and personalice a Country based Chart of accounts in ERPNext.



The system create chart of accounts only on creation of new company. So, try to create a new company record and select your country-specific chart there while creating the company.

If you want to replace chart for the existing company, then you can delete all account records from the database (in your own risk and if there are no transactions against any account) and save the company again after selecting preferred COA.

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Thanks, now is more clear to me why it didn’t work. I’ll try with a new company.