Chart of accounts missing for multi-company in v11

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in an ERPNext instance with multiple companies, after the upgrade to v11 (currently on ERPNext: v11.1.12 (master)), I can only see the first company’s chart of accounts. All accounts are available, they can also be used in transactions. However, I can neither view the other companies’ chart of accounts, nor can I add any new accounts.

Is this a known issue? Or am I simply missing something?

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To add chart of accounts go to Accounts >> Chart of Accounts.

Then click the New button on the top bar.

If you cannot see the button, then it will be a user permissions issue… So maybe create using the administrator account.


Hi @abbas,

thank you for your reply. But this is not the issue. There are 3 charts of accounts in the system, all respective accounts can be found in the Account List. But when opening the chart of account, the drop down on the left that normally allows you to switch between the companies only shows the first company, and hence only allows the first company’s chart of accounts to be opened. When I open another company, then click chart of accounts, it will open the first company’s chart of accounts…

We have a variation of this problem where company 2 disappears and company 1 is repeated many times:

Hi @MichaelPinkowski,
thanks for sharing. Yes, I had this too, this was resolved when I updated to ERPNext: v11.1.12 (master)…

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Thanks for the tip. We are trying to stay reasonably current , but not too close to the edge!

Created github issue to track this (still only first company available in v11.1.14): Unable to switch between companies on chart of accounts (V11) · Issue #16958 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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