Chart of Accounts structure not installed with new Company

I have just installed ERPNext and set up my company. All looks great except that the Chart of Accounts structure is now showing. I have selected the “Standard” COA option in the “Company” details window. What else do I need to set?

When I tried to submit a Sales Invoice I got an error message “Account Debtors - SVS does not belong to Company [my company name]”. This is how I noticed that my company does not have a COA structure.

Note: could it be anything to do with the current fiscal year setting? I have set up fiscal years for 2014, 2015, 2016, and I am currently using the 2014 fiscal year to enter historic data.

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What do you see in Accounts > Setup > Chart of Accounts ?

Hi rmehta

I think I have found the problem.

In Setup>Company>[my company name]>Chart of Accounts I had set the field to “Standard” using the drop down menu. With “Standard” selected I see no folder structure in Accounts > Setup > Chart of Accounts

I have now created a brand new ERPNext account, and this time I left the Company>Chart of Accounts field blank. Now I can see the full files structure in Accounts > Setup > Chart of Accounts.

I had assumed that “Standard” for the COA field would create a standard set of accounts, but obviously not. Do you know what “Standard” is supposed to do?

Thanks for your interest and suggestions, anyway.

I didn’t quite understand what @SVS meant before I retraced some the steps mentioned in my testing account ( which I hadn’t used a while and which maybe got autoupdated since my last visit.

And I see the same disappeared CoA scenario as described by @SVS. All root accounts are still there but no chils account seem to exist (eventhough the balance of a root acount is not 0 which indicates there must be an account somewhere).

Addition I also can post journal entries against the disappeared accounts as well as see them in the GL

Can’t help myself feeling this is an unwanted ‘new feature’ (aka bug)?

As @vrms says, I think this might be a bug.

The problem also shows after “Delete Company Transactions” is used. All the transactions are deleted, as expected, but the COA file structure is also deleted.

@SVS can you confirm that your accounts still appear in the general Leger and that you can use them with a journal entry

ok, I wanted to know more about it and checked a VirtualBox version (which is still on ERPNext: v6.18.4, Frappe Framework: v6.19.2) and the CoA shows fine.

Then I checked the online instance which showed the error reported above also from my laptop and Chart of Accounts was displayed fine. (When I confirmed the error in my previous answer I was checking in from my Android mobile)

Also the CoA in my VirtualBox 6.18.4 installation does not appear once accessing it on a mobile device (Android 4.4 in my case). I use Firefox on my computer as well as on my phone.

temporary Conclusion: the problem might be a display problem when using an (Andriod) mobile.,
It seems as if just the ‘expand’ button is missing (there is only ‘open’). And without expanding any root account you can’t see the children.

@SVS: can you please check whether you can confirm the above (CoA is there when using a computer, not there when using a mobile device)?

In my case the problem shows on my main desktop PC, laptop, and iPad.

The COA main folder is visible, but there is nothing in the folder when it is expanded. There’s an expand button and add child button.

I am using the latest free trial version of ERPNext. Using Chrome and Edge browsers in Windows 10.

I have also just noticed that the “Standard” setting has now reappeared in the COA field within Company. I cannot revert to a blank setting in this field because the system will no longer allow me to save changes to Company because the COA file structure is missing.

There is no longer any entries in the General Ledger, either, which I guess is correct because I removed all transactions.

I really think this bug is associated with the “Remove All Transaction” feature. If you use it to remove all the transactions within your company, it also removes the COA file structure, and you can no longer save any changes within Company.

Or the COA structure is not present if you use the “Standard” setting for COA.

@SVS thanks for the detailed explanation

There was a bug due to which CoA was not visible by default. This is now fixed.

@rmehta thank you for resolving this bug so quickly,

I’m very impressed with the ERPNext software (the look, feel, features, ease of use, multi-platform), and very impressed with the support.


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@rmehta the COA files structure problem has not been fixed fully.

After using the “Remove all transactions” feature, the COA file structure is also removed. I can now only see the root folder and nothing is contained in it.

For me also chart of accounts are not installed in my erpnext local system only ACCOUNTS ONLY DISPLAYED …i AM using version 8.0.xx