Chart of accounts

Hey … I am encountering 2 issues
First, My Chart of Accounts are in Spanish language even though my language is selected as ENGLISH by default during the initial setup
i made a new company and this resolved the language issue so kindly guide me how to delete the old company as i have to select the new company every time for each transactions which i forget most of the time during making new items and BOM

Second, In the new company i made, when ever i try to make new production order either from production planning tool or directly from manufacturing tab i get a message “NOT PERMITTED”

let me clear there is only one primary account set and all roles are assigned to it …

its on version 5

Steps To Delete Company -
1.Go to “Company List” form.
2.Select required company .
3.Click on “Delete” button.

and in “Global Defaults” form ,select required company in “Default Company” field.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

@asr1722 there was a bug on the that caused this. It is fixed now. You can create a new company with a new COA

Thx @Geetanjali