Chart Options: Specific Color per Value


I’m working on my Sustainability Certif. and to make things easier I made a new Module and DOCTYPE in ERPNext + Frappé to help manage my sustainability audits. One of the DOCTYPE created was Waste Management. Basically, my team writes up the kilo (weight) amount sent for recycling vs landfill.

Question: I created a Percent Chart to measure the amount we send to recycling vs landfill. All great till now. But based on the values, the system automatically adds colors to each type of waste. And sometimes the landfill value comes in green.

In Chart Options there is a place I can assign colors. But again this assignment will happen based on most valued towards lower value. Is there anyway I can assign a specific value to have a specific color? Like “landfill”: “#ff5858”, and the other options can take the color from a predetermined table?