Charts multiple y-axis

I know I can create mixed charts as described here.
But it is possible to have two different Y-axis? This is possible for example in excel. Where you can create say one bar graph with Y-axis 0-100, and line graph with Y-axis 0-1000.

This can be useful, for example I made a chart where I show worked hours each month and I have also utilization, calculated as a percentage of worked hours to available hours. But you can see, worked hours can be a big number, so if I put utilization on a graph, it is impossible to see anything because the 0-100 line will be in a very bottom part of the graph, where primary y-axis is let’s say 0-10000.

thank you.

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anyone on this?

this is what I mean. I have bar with hours but if I put another line as percentage 0-100, I will get a line in the lower part of the graph (somewhere between 0-200 mark on y-axis). And that will be very difficult to read.

In excel, one can create a secondary axis on the right side, with say 0-100% and assign a data to this axis.