Charts off accounts standard / new


i have been using erpnext since v.6 and have made own .json charts of account witch have been working fine in v.6-10 but have now updatet it so it matches new numbering system both off these are made for use in denmark.

i have several times tried to make use of the online version to make one but keeps getting errors while creating it thats why i have made them in native .json format and are wondering where one can uploade/share those so that they in future releases might get implemented as a danish chart.


Have you checked this link and tried to contribute your Chart of Accounts here?

It doesn’t work

Any error messages? What have you tried till now, any screenshots you can share?

I can’t save a child.

You will need to choose Account Type for the account.

Still can’t.

And as stated under the Account Type, it is optional.