Charts with dynamic time, how to do?

Hi @ll,
i would like to change some charts … just for example “purchase order trends”, it shows me the current year … so since a few days it is quite empty :wink: … I would like to see the last twelve months instead the current year…and this, automatically changed, every new month… is that possible?

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Does changing the period to monthly not work for you?

Or are you expecting the last 12 months irrespective of the fiscal year?

Then you can just create a new chart for the same doctype enabling “Time Series”. Select timespan as “Last Year” and time interval as “Monthly”. And other filters as necessary.

That should give you what you need.

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Maybe you can give Frappe Insights a try as well:

However, the solution suggested by @Void_Moon should work.

thx for feedback :slight_smile: … creating a new chart was the point, i was focused on changing the available chart, instead just to create a new one :sweat_smile:

Thanks to you both