Chat message is not refresh

I use frappe 12.5.1. I setup and follow tutorial without problem. but I have issue about chat. I send chat message to my friend. My friend see I am typing. but he don’t see my message. He have to back to chat room and get a refresh of chat message. So he will see a new message. Do you know why message is not show on a current chat box?

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It is also happening to me on my test machine. It was working fine on a fresh install, now I have the same issue as you. need to refresh the page or need to close chat and open the chat box again to see the updated messages. Although mine, includes my own messages.

Also happening on my development setup.
Its working fine on my production setup (using easy install)
Still wondering and try to googling.
Maybe somebody can explain the reason ?
Both are v12.8.0 , frappe 12.5.2
Also on the production setup, when i do sudo supervisorctl stop all and do bench start.
the chat wont refresh .