Chat module notifications

hello community. I have successfully installed the frappe chat module in local system . everything is working fine I can chat between 2 users . however when I tried the module in a hosted erpnext , real time notifications are not working . I can send messages to other user but he needs to refresh the page to see the message . what am I doing wrong here ?

do you have to reload everytime for the messages to appear? @bahaou

@519_Hamza_Habeeb correct. I knew the problem is socketio and I am hosting on a server blocking socketio port

@bahaou could you please share the resolution here.
would really appreciate it, thanks

@519_Hamza_Habeeb open common_site_config in sites . check the socketio port . and find out why this port is blocked or already used . and note you can change it . if you hosting on a server make sure that port is open.

@bahaou tcp6 0 0 :::9000 :::* LISTEN

socketio port is 9000 and it shows listening

am i missing something?

@519_Hamza_Habeeb how is your system installed ?

@bahaou on a server
should redis_socketio be same as socketio port?

@519_Hamza_Habeeb no they are not the same . are you hosting a live server ? if so probably that’s the problem . your server is only forwarding the app port 80 and ignoring all other ports.

@bahaou how do i make it to listen to other ports as well?

@519_Hamza_Habeeb that should be your host settings . have you tried to use the ip directly without the domain name ?

@bahaou yea i even checked with telnet

@bahaou when using telnet it worked with ip but not with domain

@519_Hamza_Habeeb yes exactly it’s the host provider. check the host settings it’s probably there