Check printing in Journal Entry. Why?

I have notice ERPNext put the Check Printing Format is in Journal Entry. Why it is not in Payment Entry? What is the logic behind? :slight_smile:

It is in Payment Entry. You have to create a new Cheque Print Template, then the print format will be available in Payment Entry.

The old print format is showing in Journal Entry.

@nabinhait I tried to create a new print format in payment entry but there are fields that are lacking example amount in words for the check is not yet in payment entry doctype. I have to create the amount in words field first and populate it. Am I in the right track? :slight_smile:

@ccfiel In cheque print format, at runtime, the system converts amount to amount in words

{{ frappe.utils.money_in_words(doc.base_paid_amount or doc.base_received_amount) }}

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Thanks! @nabinhait @saurabh6790